Patrick Malin


Patrick Malin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received a B.FA. (cum laude) in painting at the Tyler School of Art in 1989. He did his graduate study in painting at Penn State University School of Visual Arts. While there he also began an exploration into museum work.

In 1995, after a brief museum internship, Malin was personally recommended to the charter program in graduate Museum Studies at Seton Hall University in NJ by the Director of The Montclair Art Museum. There he pursued studies in Museum Management and the role of artists in museums, and in 1997 curated a contemporary landscape exhibition at the New Jersey State Museum (reviewed in the NY Times by art critic William Zimmer)

In 1997, after a brief position working at The Newark Museum, Malin returned to his own work as an artist. In 1998-2000 he became involved in and showed at Sculpture Space Inc. in Utica, NY, and was 1 of the 3 artists in "Allusive Forms" a show put together by Mary Murray, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Munson-Williams- Proctor Institute.

In 2000, Malin came to Rhode Island where he set up in Providence. He continued to create his shaped canvas paintings until 2004-5. Then, seeking a more straightforward mode of working, began experimenting with direct painting in oils. Whereas the small oils have been exhibited in shows both regionally and nationally, he has not shown any of the larger shaped canvas paintings created since 2000 until now.