Van Vessem Gallery is proud to announce its latest exhibit, Dialogues, featuring the work of Carol Scavotto and Kelly Zélen. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, August 12, from 5-8 pm. The exhibit runs through September 10. 

Scavotto will display collages alongside interactive installations, including Final Kiss, which invites viewers to pucker up and smooch tiny mirrors in tribute to people gone or now unreachable. Her collages probe issues of gender, identity and embodiment, with dolls a recurring motif. Zélen promises a collection of highly gestural, long-limbed figurative sculptures. Reminiscent of Giacometti, these sculptures slump, lean and tower with impressive viscerality and emotive force. Their flesh is often made from tough materials like steel wool, rebar or mortar —a gritty complement to Scavotto’s clever, playful and bright collages. 

🎨  Artist statements  

Carol Scavotto

I come from a long line of visual communicators, and my work is about communication. My work questions and address the individuals response-ability regarding social, global and personal identity. I offer visual questions, asking viewers to contemplate a concept, opening the pathway for conversation. Often my work takes viewers a bit out of the their comfort zone, leaving the viewer to ponder alternate points of view.

Kelly Zélen

I’m interested in capturing one of the most innocent and raw pieces of our human nature—the moments in which our bodies betray us and give way to the war in our minds. These moments are little and fleeting. They seem to unfold in slow motion, but last only a millisecond. Our mouths may not utter them, but our body language speaks volumes. Inspired by these moments, I create focusing on the subtleties (and sometimes not so subtle) of body language.